Benefits of Membership



All BSPi members can attend our conference. This three-day event includes seminars, open forums and presentations by industry leaders and suppliers. You will have the opportunity to learn, ask questions, share ideas and gather information. (And there is also plenty of time for networking and fun!) We focus on increasing booth and ticket sales, getting sponsorships, updating your image, and marketing your shows. BSPi Conferences are full of inspiration for bridal show producers! Broaden your perspective through great seminars, round table discussions, speakers, and opportunities to pick up new ideas as you meet with fellow bridal show producers
from all over the world.

Round Table Discussions

Our moderated round-table discussions are your chance to find out how other show producers conduct their business and handle issues, which affect their shows.

Advertising and Promotional Forum

Want to see how show producers in other markets promote their show? Looking for new ideas to improve your promotion program? In our advertising forum, you will review sales materials, attendee promotions, advertisements, and commercials, which have worked for other BSPi members.

Product and Service Resources

You'll tap into our comprehensive resource library of products and services, which can be used to enhance your shows. We find the best suppliers and the best pricing for items such as badges, displays, stage decor, and printing. These suppliers have discounts and special offers only available to BSPi members.

Increased Profitability

Your BSPi membership gives you ways to reduce your costs and increase your profits. Our combined purchasing power helps you reduce your costs for products and services you use to produce your shows. Take advantage of discounts, available only to members.

Education Seminars

Each BSPi conference includes seminars on topics of interest to show producers. Recent seminar topics have included:

  • Customer service

  • Ways to use social media -- and ways not to

  • Exhibitor training, education and pre or post show events

  • Developing exhibit sales contracts

  • Media buying

  • What do exhibitors REALLY want from your show?

  • The exhibit sales process

  • Maximizing your web presence

  • Bridal Show 911 - What to do when disaster strikes

  • Insurance: Are you adequately protected?

  • Building a better fashion show and fashion show forum

  • Negotiating with hotels and small venues

24/7 Access to Expert Advice

Your BSPi membership brings you into a group of show producers who have achieved a level of success and professionalism, which sets them apart. The contacts you make will be invaluable to your business.

Our closed facebook group allows you to keep in touch with other BSPi members 24/7. Have a question? Need some advice? Want to float an idea? A posting to the group will generate answers and solutions offering you immediate access to the wealth of knowledge from other show producers.

Recognition and Profitability

BSPi has represented the bridal show industry since 1996. The BSPi logo has come to stand for quality. You will be associated with the ONLY organization dedicated to furthering the interests of our industry. As a member, you will have use of the widely recognized BSPi logo in your advertising, and inclusion on the BSPi website.

A Commitment to Education

Our members tell us that the one of the most important benefits of membership in BSPi is the opportunity to participate in our educational programs. These programs give you the opportunity to learn, ask questions, share ideas and gather information.

Questions? Contact our membership director.